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The data-src attribute is just one of the infinite set of data-* attributes, which have no defined meaning but can be used to include invisible data in an element, for use in scripting (or styling) The srcdoc attribute specifies the HTML content of the page to show in the inline frame. Tip: This attribute is expected to be used together with the sandbox and seamless attributes. If a browser supports the srcdoc attribute, it will override the content specified in the src attribute (if present). If a browser does NOT support the srcdoc. HTML structure. <button class=btn btn-success btn-lg mrb50 data-iframe=true id=open-website data-src=http://www.w3schools.com/>Open website</button> <button class=btn btn-success btn-lg mrb50 data-iframe=true id=google-map data-src=https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m14!1m12!1m3!1d248849.84916296514!2d77.6309395!3d12 < iframe data-src = https://hakim.se data-preload > </ iframe > </ section > You can also change the default globally with the preloadIframes configuration option. If set to true ALL iframes with a data-src attribute will be preloaded when within the viewDistance regardless of individual data-preload attributes. If set to false, all iframes will only be loaded when they become visible. Iframes HTML structure. <button class=btn btn-success btn-lg mrb50 data-iframe=true id=open-website data-src=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page>Open website</button> <button class=btn btn-success btn-lg mrb50 data-iframe=true id=open-pdf data-src=https://www.w3.org/WAI/ER/tests/xhtml/testfiles/resources/pdf/dummy.pdf>Open PDF</button>.

In case you are changing the data-src/data-srcset attributes of already transformed lazyload elements, you must normally also re-add the lazyload class to the element. This attrchange / re-initialization extension automatically detects changes to your data-* attributes and adds the class for you It only works with our own iFrames. Add &iframe=1 if need be. What you get. The lazy-loaded Iframely iFrame will use this approach: <div style=...> <iframe data-iframely-url=//iframe.ly/NdU7I4 data-img></iframe> </div> <script async src=//cdn.iframe.ly/embed.js charset=utf-8></script> Our iFrame will have no src attribute initially. Embed.js script renders such iFrame when it's time. The iFrame sizes are already in the code to avoid screen flicks Use href or data-src attribute to specify source of your content. Example: Example: <a href=image.jpg data-fancybox data-caption=Caption for single image> <img src=thumbnail.jpg style='max-width:90%' alt= /> </a> responsive image with srcset and sizes attribute. Simply use data-srcset and you can support responsive images. <img style='max-width:90%' alt=Jellyfish sizes= (min-width: 1000px) 930px, 90vw data-srcset=small.jpg 500w, medium.jpg 640w, big.jpg 1024w data-src=medium.jpg class=lazyload /> Copy code. <iframe src=https://example.com. loading=lazy. width=600. height=400></iframe>. Standardized lazy-loading of iframes defers offscreen iframes from being loaded until the user scrolls near them. This saves data, speeds up the loading of other parts of the page, and reduces memory usage

To make media elements (img, video, source, iframe) to be lazy loaded, rename src attribute to data-src. It is highly recommended to set width and height attributes. Optionally you can add a placeholder src to bypass HTML validators Blocking third-party cookies set with an iframe. To block third-party cookies set with iframe (like YouTube videos), find an iframe code that is setting third-party cookies and: change src attribute name to data-src; add data-cookiescript attribute and set it to accepte When an element is in the view port it swaps data-src/data-srcset on img, source and iframes to src/srcset. It also adds a load listener and removes the data- attribute on load to allow you to hook styles up to the two different states <div><iframe data-placeholder-image=https://it-outlet.net/wp-content/plugins/complianz-gdpr/assets/images/placeholder-google-maps.jpg class=cmplz-placeholder-element cmplz-iframe cmplz-iframe-styles cmplz-no-video data-src-cmplz=https://maps.google.com/maps?q=IT-Outlet%2C%20Steinm%C3%A4uerleweg%204%2C%2071034%20B%C3%B6blingen&t=m&z=14&output=embed&iwloc=near frameborder=0 scrolling=no marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 src=about:blank title=IT-Outlet. This functionality could potentially be useful for content loaded in via an iFrame, as you would be able to automatically have all links therein targeted to the parent frame. Drawbacks. While the <base> url can be handy, its drawbacks center around the fact that after defining it once you're stuck with it. You can only use it in a single way and it will then affect all URLs. Wherever you don't.

有人说,iframe是能耗最高的一个元素,尽量减少使用。 也有人说,iframe的安全性太差,尽量减少使用。 虽然他们说的是真的,但是iframe的强大功能是不容忽视的,而且现在不乏公司正在使用它 BirthAlarm. België; Belgique; Deutschland; France; Nederland; Österreich; Schweiz; Suisse; Sverige; United Kingdo If true, the script will try to avoid horizontal scrolling for iframes and html content Boolean; Default value: true index Overrides group start index Integer; Default value: 0 type Overrides type for content. Supported types are 'image', 'inline', 'ajax', 'iframe', 'swf' and 'html ©2021, Mass Appeal Media, Inc. Updated Homepage 202

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定义和用法. src 属性规定在 iframe 中显示的文档的 URL 先给一串代码模板瞅瞅: 重点部分来了,那如何当点击左侧导航如:管理员,角色管理,会员等这些,就会在右侧部分动态展示页面信息(其他部分不变呢),这里贴上js代码 到这里就结束了,当点击左侧指示列表,右 4. Vortrag auf der VGFA-Tagung am 23.04.202 npm install iframe-lightbox. Setup. class is not required. iframe-lightbox-link is used here to select elements. You may use some other method for elements selection. data-src is another method to get the source URL when you do not want the link to lead to some real URL. href is required, and contains URL of your content iFrames in general are great for security of your site. But your page's onload event is delayed until all iFrames load. If you have various scripts that wait for body to load, iFrames loading may add up and have significant drag on your site's performance, perceived or actual, and particularly for mobile users. Our async iFrames fix it. iFrame loads empty and fires onload in a snap, yields.

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