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1) Create Recommendation Letters In Minutes. 2) Download & Print Instantly - 100% Free! Export To PDF & Word - Over 1M Forms Made - Answer Simple Questions & Create In Minutes 1) Write A Professional Recommendation Letter. 2) Save Time & Eliminate Errors- 100% Free! Simply Fill Out, Sign, & Print - Over 1M Forms Created - Export To PDF & Word Instantly Letter Closing. End the letter with a formal letter closing and your name and job title. If you are mailing a hard copy of the letter, include your signature underneath your typed name. In addition, having an example internship recommendation letter to follow may help give you some ideas for your own letter Internships are assignments which are frequently taken up by students and young professionals, therefore, if you are a professor or a senior manager at a firm, drafting out letters of recommendation could be a frequent request you will receive. You can download and save the letter of recommendation for internship template and edit them as per the requirement Recommendation Letter for Internship from Professor - It is certified that (Student/Candidate name) of (Semester/Session name) D/O (Parents name) is a bonafide student of (College/University Name). (Explain in your own words). S/he is currently enrolled in [Subject and department name, e.g., B.Sc (Honors)] Program with (Major Subject name)

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  1. Share pertinent deadline details (make sure to provide ample time) and how the letter will be delivered (e.g., sent directly to future employer/school or to you via email) Highlight of your time at the internship. Actually write the letter yourself, as there might be a time when the recommender is too busy to write it
  2. Sample Letter of Recommendation. Use this sample letter as a guide, but feel free to make changes according to the specific circumstances and student. Dear Professor Terguson: I welcome this opportunity to recommend Ms. Terri Student for a place in the Mental Health Counseling program at Grand Lakes University
  3. Exaggerating your strength & achievements: It is important that your letter of recommendation from employer or professor includes both your strengths and weaknesses. Often recommenders focus only on the applicant's strengths and forget to mention areas of improvement. However, universities tend to appreciate constructive criticism, and including them only serves to make the recommendation more genuine and sincere

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When applying for a new job, an internship, or a graduate-school program you may be asked to submit a letter of recommendation to help you stick out from the crowd. When you're a student, it might be difficult to find an appropriate source to write a letter of recommendation for you. Oftentimes, professors are more than happy to write their students character references. But first, you have. Recommendation Letter From Professor - If you are a student and you need some reference from your professor to get the scholarship, internship, college program, chief student union, or fellowship. Buy all Premium Printable Templates along with this one @$11. Click Here. Specifications : Completely Editable format with word file. PDF downloadable file PNG image downloadable [ Request for a Recommendation Template. Here's a sample letter asking a professor to provide a recommendation for employment. Download the letter of recommendation template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples. Download the Word Template Letter of recommendation for professor position. Besides knowing latest resume format, you will have to know some tips. The trick is to format the data in a style which makes it easy to scan quickly to comprehend your project goals and relevant credentials and accomplishments. Before you can start writing a resume, then you will need to choose if the functional or chronological format is going.

Let's dive into some example scripts now for how to ask a professor for a letter of recommendation. Note that while these templates are written in email format, you can follow the same script in a face-to-face conversation. Sample #1 to Request Letter of Recommendation: Hello Professor <Last Name>, Thank you for your time this <semester/quarter/year> teaching <subject or class name>. The class was interesting As soon as your potential employer asks for a letter of recommendation, send a quick email to your professor and let them know. It only needs to be a small, polite email that lets them know that you have found a job or graduate school that you're interested in and would love their support. The more advance notice you give them, the better An internship reference letter's core elements showcase the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person who is being recommended for the job The point of a letter of recommendation is to give your prospective employer (or grad school, or whoever) an additional perspective on who you are and what you're like to work with. So don't ask a professor that you've only had for the past 3 weeks or a boss at a campus job you just started. 2 This is a sample letter format for recommendation for internship for an individual by an organization or recommender. This official letter is a recommendation which can be e-mailed, posted, faxed or posted.The purpose of this online sample letter template is to familiarize you with the right format for this kind of a cover letter and get you the best example to make a beginning

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  1. Example of a recommendation letter request. Here's some language you can use in your recommendation letter request email. If you're asking in person (hopefully you are), use this as inspiration. Subject line: Reference Request from Julia Kimball. Dear Dr. Noland, I hope you're well. I am applying to the law programs at the University of Richmond, Wake Forest University, and The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and I'm hoping you would be willing to serve as a.
  2. Letter of recommendation (Sample 4) Sub: Recommendation letter for {candidate's name} for the position of {vacancy/position/role} Dear Mr/Ms {Recipient's Name}, As the {Title} of {School's name}, I am writing this letter to support my student, {Candidate's name}'s desire to join {College name}
  3. I know a lot of you are wrapping up your summer internships so I thought I'd share my tips for asking your supervisors for letters of recommendation. Hope yo..
  4. 1) Create Letter of Reference Instantly 2) 100% Free. Print & Download, Try Now
  5. At some point in your college career it is possible that you may want to ask your professor for a letter of recommendation for an internship or job. When this occurs there are some steps you want to follow in order to have a chance at receiving the recommendation. Here are 6 tips for requesting a letter of recommendation from your professor
  6. Download free pdf, word or excel template and use it to write a college recommendation letter for student. Many students lose out on the opportunity to be admitted in prestigious organizations for internship either because they lack, or have submitted a poorly written Professional Recommendation Letter for Internship; or one signed by an inappropriate person
  7. istrator at an internship. The person you choose to request a recommendation from should be someone who's worked with you directly and can attest to your experience

Dr./Professor _____ [name of the person who is the referral] recommended taking an internship under your able guidance for _____ [mention the topic/nature of the project]. Your work on _____ [mention the Professor's specific work] fascinated me. I have a keen interest in this field and am currently working towards _____ [mention briefly the details of something you wish to work on], with the. Every recommendation letter is unique, just like the student it is written for. Yet, good recommendation letters share similarities in format and expression. Below is a sample/template showing one way of organizing a recommendation letter for graduate study Letter of recommendation, just like the SOP, should tell the story about you. It should be unique and exclusive. For some universities, you just need to mention your recommender's email address in the application form. Later, your recommender will get an email which contains a form/link to a questionnaire/few direct questions which need to be addressed by him/her. In most cases (when the. You should ask a professor you had who works in the medical field and knows you well. A highly regarded professional in the field writing a letter of recommendation will be quite beneficial. Don't Come Empty-Handed. When asking for a letter of recommendation, you need to have the details available. You want to tell your professor what the.

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The best recommendation letters for colleges rave about your personality and personal qualities. This is why my two letters below are so effective. You do not want your recommendation letters to just be repeats of your resume. This gives the admissions officer zero extra information about who you are a person. You do not want your recommendation letters to just say, Johnny got an A and turned. 5 recommendation letter samples. Now that you have a sense of what makes a strong recommendation, check out these practices in action in these five recommendation letter samples. While your letter should be unique, these examples can act as recommendation letter templates and guide you as you write your own You will need letters of recommendation to accompany some applications for internships, externships, judicial 3. Provide a sample. Sometimes employers or professors ask to see sample recommendation letters to help them draft their own, or alternatively, ask you to write the first draft due to time constraints. ProTip! While people are generally happy to provide recommendation letters, they.

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A principal, professor or department head who has direct knowledge of the applicant's past performance is in the best position to offer letters of recommendation for teachers. Begin your letter by explaining your current role and qualifications. Include details such as when, where and in what capacity you worked with the teacher. Specify how long you worked together and details about your. If you are getting a recommendation from your professor, tell him to write it on his university's official letter head. On the other hand, if your supervisor is writing a recommendation, she should write on her company's official letter head. In case your supervisor has moved to a new company, she can write on the letterhead of her new company ON THE COLLEGE OR PROFESSOR'S LETTER HEAD Letter of Recommendation It is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Miss. Annie David I have tutored her for two years, where I taught her Microprocessor based system Design in III rd year and Modern Communications in the Final year. Through my observation, I would like to say that she is attentive, studious and articulate. She always.

This is a sample letter which is a format for recommendation for PhD from a professor for the researcher/student. This business email can be posted, faxed, couriered or e-mailed.The purpose of this online sample letter template is to familiarize you with the right format for this kind of a cover letter and get you the best example to make a beginning Letter of recommendation from college professor. Despite the fact that you draft the proposal you need to inject important points, the method you're going to be applying to deal with the undertaking, your expertise, your specialties, the one of a kind services that you would be offering, the period of completion, the benefit your client would get and a lot more Many professors are inundated with recommendation requests as students prepare to apply for internships for the upcoming summer break or the next semester. If you wait until April to request a letter for a summer internship, the recommendation writer might not have time to put one together before the application deadline. He might also rush through the letter, which will show in the final. So, always make your recommendation letter from a professor who might know you very well and you know them very well. Before starting about How to write a letter of the Recommendation letter for a student, first you people need to have a clear and good concept about a Recommendation letter and How to Write a Letter of Recommendation.. A recommendation letter or letter of recommendation, also.

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  1. Asking your professor for a letter of recommendation can be a stressful experience, but it's a normal part of applying for a graduate program, internship, or job. If you ask your professor far enough in advance, they'll likely be happy to help you. It's best to ask your professor in person with a written request. However, you might send an email if your professor is comfortable with.
  2. In this template I give the professor less of an out because he should know you well enough to write a strong letter of recommendation. Hi Professor , This is . I hope things are going well. I'm sure that they are now that . It's been since we last talked and I'm finally in the process of applying to . It seemed so far away when I was taking your course! Anyway, I'm just starting to gather.
  3. A quick note about the differences between letters of recommendation and letters of reference, as students may see both of these terms and be unsure which one they need. While a letter of reference is typically requested by a specific person/college/company and tailored to the information they seek, a letter or reference tends to be a broader, introductory-style letter that touts the great.
  4. Even list the question in your email subject: i.e.: Request for letter of recommendation to include with my summer internship application. Personalize it (I thought of you.) Describe what skills are expected of the position from the job description so that their reco letter can answer the responsibilities being asked
  5. Recommendation letters are useful for persons who are applying for a certain position, whether it be in school, a business establishment or some volunteer organization. The letter is a voucher for the presenter, as a proof of reliability, efficiency or good character. Teachers are good sources of recommendation letters. They can make a recommendation letter for student from teacher, especially.

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Jobs & internships Handshake - job & internship postings On-campus jobs Recommendation letter template Dear [Name of Employer or Graduate School Committee]: I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for [name of student]. I highly recommend [name of student] to your organization for the position of [job title]. I have known [name of student] for the past [number of months, semesters. A recommendation letter for scholarship from professor is also referred to as academic letter. It is usually given by the dean or professors or any other person who is well acquainted with the educational qualification and aspirations of the student. This letter has to address the student's aptitude for the program they are applying. The purpose of this letter is to show how the student's. Some professors will take offense to being asked for a letter of recommendation via email. Visiting the professor in office hours, scheduling an appointment, or making a phone call shows that you are willing to give up your time and energy rather than simply writing an email. DO NOT ask to read a copy of the letter before it is sent. It is not. The final step is to ask your professor for a letter of recommendation, but it's not enough to just ask. Tell the professor why you think he or she is the best person to write this recommendation. Perhaps you've spoken at length about your career goals. Maybe you were a super star in the professor's class, or the professor learned about your leadership through your involvement in a law. If you are looking for a teacher or professor to write a recommendation letter for you, choose the teacher who had worked with you for a long time, preferably your thesis adviser. This teacher will surely know how to do it because he truly knows your capabilities and characters. 7. Sample letter of recommendation for a program . Students who are applying for a degree program about.

•If it is a professor, which course or courses you took with him/her, when, and what grade you earned •Why you need a recommendation (that is, what you are applying for, name of program, school, internship) •When the recommendation letter is due (VERY IMPORTANT) •For the second paragraph, outline your relationship with the person. •Point out why you have asked him/her specifically. Before you ask your professors to write letters of recommendation for you, please follow these steps: At least six weeks in advance of your deadline for submitting the letters, contact your professors in person or by e-mail to ask them if they are willing to write a letter. Provide the professor with specific information to help them recall you and your accomplishments. Include the following. The Letter of Recommendation for University is written for the process of admission of a student into a particular college. It's mainly written as a form of endorsement for the candidate, meant to vouch for his ability to get the desired admission. As an appraisal letter in the professional world, the letter must ideally be written by a teacher or employer of the candidate Asking a professor for a letter of recommendation can be an anxiety-producing experience. However, if you follow the protocol below, you can rest assured that your actions are professional and appropriate. Since you are asking a professor to take hours out of his/her life to help you, do not waste the recommender's time by being disorganized or thoughtless. While this handout is tailored for.

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Tips for Writing Strong Letters of Recommendation Important: If you cannot write a supportive letter of recommendation (e.g., if you did not work with the student very long or did not have a good experience), please let the student know that he/she should request a letter from someone else Asking for Letters of Recommendation (Environmental Leadership Program, internships, study abroad, related work experiences, etc.) You should seek letters from: Professors who can speak to your academic skills. This means faculty from whom you've taken one or more relevant classes. Obviously, it is best to pick the classes you did the best in, and the courses that gave you knowledge and. A professor agreed to share his medical school letter of recommendation template with me to help future professors with the letter writing process. His advice and an actual template are posted below. About the Medical School Letter of Recommendation (From the Letter Writer) When I agree to write a letter of recommendation (LOR), it is Recommendation is necessary, moreover if recommendation giver is a famous people such as professors or important officials. Some people say recommendation are keys to academic success or the higher career. This is some statements about recommendation letter. 1. Recommendation Letter is Everything, Sometime

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The Spring semester is prime time for internship applications, which typically means students are requesting letters of recommendation from professors, mentors, and other professional networks. The infographic below from the Claremont McKenna's Center for Writing and Public Discourse outlines some important steps and reminders when asking a professor for a letter of recommendation via email. Craft a professional recommendation letter (or reference letter) in minutes using our free downloadable templates and samples. Our comprehensive guide covers everything from how to write a letter of recommendation to how to ask for one A professor, faculty member, or academic adviser who can speak about your academic record. If you have been out of school for more than five years, a clinical instructor or nurse educator can be used in place of an academic adviser. RN to MSN and Master of Science in Nursing — Family Nurse Practitioner applicants will need three letters of recommendation written within one year of the date. FAQ I need a letter of recommendation, could you help me? The Full Professorship Financial Accounting strongly supports any activities which enable students to gain additional experience/knowledge besides lectures and seminars at the TUM School of Management. Thus, we are happy to support you if you want to apply for a semester abroad, for an internship, or for a scholarship

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  1. Manage Your Paperwork Remotely. Edit, Sign, & Print Recommendation Letters From Home! Get Easy Templates To Fill Out Your Business Forms. Manage Legal Documents - 100% Online
  2. Total nine years of recommendation letter internship professor sample letter sent should you be completed on for this future works. Keep it is the recommendation letter for internship from professor to write a response to any challenge that her tenure with members. Novel with the candidate for from professor, engineering is a team members of his tenure with his editorial assistant position and.
  3. The Letter of recommendation that is provided by a faculty member belonging to an academic institution that you have previously studied at can be referred to as an academic LOR. Universities abroad demand for at least one academic LOR. In such cases you can refer to your previous academic institution for this help. This type of LOR open highlights the students ability to pursue that course as.
  4. ute letter of recommendation from your boss, professor, or other recommender. So, you should not feel afraid to ask. However, given that you are asking for a big favor, it's important to be tactful in the way you ask. It is often preferable to ask for a recommendation in person to make things more personal and give you a chance to.
  5. A strong letter of recommendation from the right person can separate you from the rest of the applicants. An admission committee is looking for depth beyond a resume and transcripts. Professional recommendations communicate information about you they will not find anywhere else. Universities differ in their approach to these letters. At QU, we ask that a referee fills out a brief quantitative.
  6. Dear Professor [Professor's name], The deadline for submitting letter of recommendation for [name of program/ fellowship] is quickly approaching. I would like to inquire if there is still any document I can supply to make your writing easier in addition to what we discussed during office hours 2 weeks ago
  7. LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION - SAMPLE 2. I have known Ms. XXX as my student for the past four years. She is basically a creative person, always trying to present her ideas in a creative manner. She has a good logical reasoning ability and will always try to solve problems efficiently. In addition, she has demonstrated excellent powers of observation, and has the ability to communicate and.
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Proof of Internship Letter Sample; Want to use this letter? Customize this Letter . At times, taking the next step to a higher position can be scary. When the applicant asks someone for a recommendation, the authority can confirm the applicant's readiness by passionately supporting the decision. If not ready, the authority can tell the applicant to wait. The Professor Recommendation Letter. If you have any questions about your medical school or internship letters of recommendation, be sure to contact us down below. Q: What should a recommendation letter from a professor contain? Whether you are asking a science professor or a non science professor, a sample letter of recommendation for medical school from professor should include: How you did in the class; Your intellectual.

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  1. SCHOLARSHIP RECOMMENDATION LETTER SAMPLES Recommendation Letter Employers will often be asked, by a former employee, to compose a letter of reference. If your answer is positive towards the request of a recommendation letter and agreed, you may want to make sure it is personalized for the candidate. Perhaps an individual is just trying to strength [
  2. An example would be you get that museum job and a summer internship opens up for students. You could call Dr. Jones and let him know so he can make his students aware of the opening. Use a pen or ballpoint pen in black to fill out the portion of the forms you might want your professor to use if you have any. While this article is about how to ask for a recommendation, what you really want is a.
  3. Consider the following letter written for a student who is applying to an online graduate program: In this case, the student is applying to an online graduate program and the professor's experiences with the student are entirely in online courses. Considering this purpose, the letter is good. Focus on the particular school. If the recommendation is for a college or graduate school, ask the.
  4. Study Abroad Recommendation Letter I am writing to recommend that _____ be accepted into your study abroad program. I have had her in three of my history courses over the past two semesters, and have come to respect her as a young scholar and as a person. _____ has a natural curiosity about the world we live in, as well our past. She is always eager to learn about other cultures and customs.
  5. A reference letter, or letter of recommendation,1 is usually written to attest to a person 's skills, character and/or achievements. It is a formal document, and should be typed on letterhead, and written in a professional manner. During your law school career and thereafter, it is possible that you will need letters of recommendation to accompany a job application. When a potential employer.
  6. Can I submit extra recommendation letters? Beyond the mandatory ones, you can also submit supplementary letters of recommendation, for example from a mentor, sports coach, or manager from your internship/job.. Be careful with these, though! More is not always better. You'd probably upset an admissions team by sending in 10 LORs

Guidelines for Asking for a Letter of Recommendation Letters of Recommendation . It is likely that you will need a letter of recommendation at some point in your career, whether it is for graduate school, a scholarship, a fellowship, an internship, or employment. As such, it is important that you take every opportunity to get to know your professors by attending office hours and participating. Sample recommendation letter for student (from teacher, professor, or mentor); usually given to someone seeking admission to education (college, university, MBA program, etc.). The main purpose of this type of letter is to describe how good is the student in satisfying certain education program requirements. As in other examples of the recommendation letter, the document starts with the. Hey! Is your niece, mentee, student or friend seeking for your help in writing a recommendation letter for student scholarship but don't know how to start? Worry not. Here we present to you a thorough guide on how to construct a mind - boggling recommendation letter for scholarship award.It may sound herculean but with the appropriate guidance, writing a reference letter for scholarship will. Employers, professors, supervisors are asked to write a recommendation letter. Before writing you should know the exact purpose of writing the recommendation letter and write it in an effective manner. Normally, students seeking the job or admission need such letters that will help them to get an educational or vocational programme. That is why the letter should be positive and consist of all. Recommendation letters are weighted heavily for most grad programs. Colleges typically request 3 references and want at least some of them to come from faculty. Work supervisors from jobs in a related field are also a good option. Tips. Ask each recommender if he or she would feel comfortable making astrong recommendation; Make it easy for the letter writer - give them your resume, personal.

Who you should ask for a letter of recommendation depends on what type of student you are. Colleges often ask first-time college students (coming from high school) to submit letters of recommendation from teachers and guidance counselors. Transfer students are more likely to be asked to submit recommendations from professors and college advisors. Returning or adult students should choose their. Professor and Chairman—Undergraduate Studies Department of Materials Science and Engineering . Recommendation by a Graduate Student February xx, 20xx To Whom It May Concern: I am writing on behalf of Ms. Janet Lerner, an undergraduate with whom I have been acquainted for four years as her graduate student lab supervisor. A biochemistry major, Janet has dedicated much of her time outside of. Letter of recommendation for higher studies from employer; Letter of recommendation for higher studies from professor; To choose either an employer or a professor who you think can be ideal as referees, you need to first make a list of the names that come to your mind. Think over and choose the best from the list! Finally, you need to shortlist. A letter of recommendation for PhD aspirants is an important part of the admission documents. While other admission documents like transcripts and scores are factual, LOR is an independent human perspective of the applicant which connects the facts and plans of a resume and statement of purpose Letters of recommendation for graduate school are taken even more seriously than those for undergraduate applications. Generally, they should be written by a professor who can describe a student's capabilities and academic works in great detail. Our template for graduate school applications highlights exactly how to portray your student in a positive light. Download the template for free as.

This letter is my personal recommendation for Sarah Powell. Until just recently, I have been Sarah's immediate supervisor for several years. I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile Top job search materials for marketing intern The below materials are availabe at: recommendationletter.biz • Top 7 recommendation letter samples • Top 8 resume samples • Top 15 ways to search new jobs • Free ebook: 75 interview questions and answers • Top 12 secrets to win every job interviews • Top 8 interview thank you letter samples For top materials: top 7 recommendation.

Academic recommendation letter: An academic recommendation letter is written for the purpose of helping a candidate's application for fellowship or internship, graduate school, college or scholarships, and so on. This showcases and highlights the candidate's education background and other related skills to what he/she is applying for. On another note, this recommendation letter can also be. Getting a great recommendation letter from a professor begins while you are still in their class. You should try to stand out from other students, both in your grades and the way you conduct yourself. You should also try to build a relationship with the professor, so that they remember you and are willing to recommend you when the time comes. If you've done these things, approaching the. Keep these letters in a safe place. I suggest putting together a folder labeled internship materials. Keep your letters here so they are clean and ready when you need them. Letters of Rec are NOT something you want to be rushing around for at the last minute. More Advice on Letters Of Recommendation (LOR) - From my Twitter Friends

Craft a professional recommendation letter (or reference letter) in minutes using our free downloadable templates and samples. Our comprehensive guide covers everything from how to write a letter of recommendation to how to ask for one The letter of recommendation by your professor will be a major component in your admission to a university, scholarship, job, or internship. The approach you use to get this letter will impact the way the professor writes your letter. Follow these guidelines for the best possible outcome. your professors, take as many classes with the . Approach Before asking a professor to write you a letter. If they agree to write you a letter, send a follow-up with instructions on how to submit the recommendation. For Duke In programs only, you will enter their name and email address in MyGlobalEd and they will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the recommendation. If for some reason they are not able to submit via MyGlobalEd, request that they send the letter to globaled@duke.edu

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Letters of recommendation are different from reference lists because you are asking someone to a write a letter recommending you for a graduate program, grant/scholarship, or employment opportunity. Most employers will request a list of references, but you may choose to supply letter(s) of recommendation as supplemental materials. Below you will find a list of things to consider when. Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) is a mandatory document for your MS or PhD applications. You can get it from your academic Professors (preferably with a PhD degree) or Industry experts, under whom you should have studied/worked. Universities prefer to see LORs from academic Professors rather than Industry experts. Some Universities need only 2 LORs, while some need 4 LORs. You will have to find. Email Template for Asking for a Letter of Recommendation: Email Subject Line: Reference for [Your Name] Dear Mr./Ms./Prof. [Reference's Last Name] (If you are writing to a colleague, you can use Hi [Name])I am reaching out to you because I am applying for a new position as [type of role] with [company name].Part of the application process is to provide letters of recommendation and I would.

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The basic mechanics of getting a letter of recommendation are fairly straightforward: you ask a letter writer, they agree and write their letter, and then they confidentially submit this letter to the appropriate graduate programs of interest, usually electronically. On this page, we break this process down to explore the important steps for success. Find Your Letter Writers Types of Letter. Obtaining a Letter of Recommendation Conditions for Obtaining a Letter of Recommendation (or similar) from Prof. Gee. I acknowledge that today many students need a letter of recommendation from a university advisor for various purposes such as e.g. application for a Master program; application for a stipend of some kind from some institutio Sample Letters of Recommendation A. For an excellent student whom you know well January 17, 2007 It is a true pleasure for me to write this letter of recommendation for Sandra Garcia, who was my student in Sociology 115, Intro-duction to Sociology, in the winter term of 2006. Sandra is, with- out question, one of the four or five most outstanding students I have taught at Big State. Most professors will answer the strong letter question honestly. This can save you from situations where a professor simply says you took a class with her and earned an A. Letters like that can actually hurt an application, particularly for internship recommendation letters, says Steve McCutcheon, PhD, who chairs the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers Board of.

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